There are many in our midst who may be disadvantaged owing to the peculiar circumstances around them and IPC (International Paradise Connexions) Group of Companies' Corporate Social Responsibility is an initiative that identifies such deserving causes. Some require financial assistance, others simply crave company or help in brightening up their surroundings.

Welcome to Project Connect. An initiative of International Paradise Connexions (IPC) Tours & Travel Pte Ltd, a 16-year old travel industry veteran, to get our youths engaged in charity, voluntary work and in Community Involvement Projects. (CIP).  We specialize in School Service Learning Tours as well as tours to exotic destinations around the world.

We have recently been awarded the Ministry of Education’s Travel Panelist under the MOE Framework Agreement for Overseas Educational Learning Journeys under all 5 panels. We’re an EPPU Category 7 status, considered one of the highest ratings in the travel industry.

We’ve now consolidated all our operations to deliver better value, more exciting destinations, newer adventures and more opportunities to conduct CIP Programmes that inculcate Character Development & Active Citizenry.

Our ProjectConnect is an initiative that we drew up after the Government’s call for students to be more socially responsible citizens through character development and active citizenry.

MINDS (Movement of the Intellectually Handicapped in Singapore) is one such example of the help we rendered by decorating their premises during their Christmas Celebrations. The Straits Times School Pocket Money Fund is another Project Connect initiative, where we've pledged a $10,000 donation.

We're also involved with the APEX Club, Singapore assisting them in charitable causes and food distribution programs. The APEX Club is a non-political and non-religious service organization dedicated to serving the less unfortunate in our community. And of course, not forgetting our Educational Discovery Tours, where the CIP (Community Involvement Project) element ensures that our students experience first hand, the joys of extending a helping hand.



Our mission is to draw people who share our passion to help, without expecting anything in return. This is aptly portrayed by our mission statement:

" There are 2 ways of spreading light in someone's life. You can be the candle or the mirror that reflects it "
Edith Wharton



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