Born from the school of hard knocks, Raj suffered set back after setback after his father passed way when he was in his teens. At a tender age, he struggled to make ends meet supporting his family doing odd jobs, while still studying, Raj's soft corner for the aspirations of disadvantaged kids is apparent from the numerous charitable organizations in Nepal, Vietnam and Cambodia who have benefitted from his generosity and largesse. He believes that measure of an individual's worth is determined by what one gives back to society.



Her love for kids drove her to become a kindergarten teacher when she first started out and later sparked her care and concern for orphaned kids, in particular when she was a volunteer at the Marymount Convent Orphanage. Over the last 20 years, she has been an active volunteer there, teaching and assisting the staff to bring love and light into the kids' lives. She initiated the idea of contributing to the SPH Pocket Money Fund and prefers to spend time enjoying volunteer tourism to lavish holidays.



Our China specialist is China born, Ken who studied in Singapore and now considers himself a true-blue Singaporean with a passion for curries and a penchant for the disadvantaged. Ken was IPC's representative at the recent Sichuan earthquake spearheading a charity drive to raise funds for the necessary medical equipment for the victims. His aim in life is to reach out to all the poor children in China through IPC's CIP programs as well as vowing to eradicate sexual abuse of the destitute children in Manila, Philippines. He spends his leisure time assisting various hospice centres in Singapore.



Juggling her personal family life, work and her passion for the orphans is all in a day's work for Cynthia. Aside from helping the orphanages in Singapore, she also makes it a point to travel regularly to remote villages in Thailand to teach kids basic English and personal hygiene and has personally supervised the restoration of clean drinking water from a river in Cambodia for the villagers.



Jon has been instrumental in helping various orphanages in Batam, Bintan and Yogjakarta, often using his personal funds to buy computers for the kids. Education and the knowledge of skills is a great leveller in society, and he wants to promote the CIP's Service Learning program to ensure that all our students understand the importance of lending a helping hand and in character development.



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