Full Name: Suhtupan Sirimingala Kandaw Parahita Monastic Education School (or Suhtupan Orphanage & School)

Suhtupan Orphanage & School is located in Thanlyin, Burma (Myanmar) in a community about 1 hour drive from Yangon. The orphanage was initiated by a Buddhist monk who saw that many children in rural and periurban areas were in greatest need of assistance such as shelter, food, and basic education.

The goals of this project are to connect and inform people from other parts of the world to the needs of the poorest children inside Burma and help improve their lives.

About the Children

Today, there are 330 children (174 boys, 156 girls), ages ranging from 6-17 years old, benefiting from the existence of this orphanage and school located in the same compound as the monastery. About 80 orphans live in the orphanage and the rest are from nearby community whose families are too poor to afford education and food. There are also children from different ethnic groups.


Monks conduct the overall management of the orphanage. Some of the teachers also live there who teach and look after the daily needs of the children. The head cook arranges the meals of everyone at the orphanage. Everyone takes care of the community garden where vegetables are grown for consumption.

The orphanage support classes from 1st to 8th grade after which the children go to a government high school. There are currently 2 students in 9th grade who commute to high school from orphanage on a donated bicycle.


The orphanage gets requests to accept more children particularly with the cyclone Nargis disaster in May 2008 that left many children orphaned and the price of food and building materials substantially increased.

The orphanage is in need of assistance such as donations to buy food, shelter/structure (ie. wooden planks for beds, classroom desks & chairs), school needs, and even bicycles.



Aye Mettha Road

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