The ABS-CBN Foundation, Inc.,the Bantay Bata 163 Children's Village serves as a shelter for children rescued by Bantay Bata, whether needing short, medium or long term care and rehabilitation as a result of abuse, neglect, exploitation or abandonment by their parents or guardians.

Located in a 2.5 hectare piece of land in Norzagaray, Bulacan donated by Meralco, the Children's Village houses an average of 60 children in its cottages and well-maintained facilities, making the area a conducive dwelling and rehabilitation place for the abused and neglected. With a staff of trained caregivers and house parents, teachers, licensed social workers and professional therapist / psychologists, the Village nurtures children with the best possible care, which includes basic needs, therapies, medical assistance, educational and psychological services, arts and recreation.

The Village has 6 cottages, an Administration Building, a Multi-purpose Hall, a Seminar Hall, a Library, a Meditation Room, a Therapy Room and a small dorm for male and female staff. It has its own Kindergarten play school for children 6 years old and below and a Preparatory School for 7 - 8 years old. Spaces for learning, play and meditation, gardens and pet animals, and organic vegetable farm create a gentle atmosphere essential to the healing of the child.

The Village prepares children to move on with their lives whether reintegrated with their own families, in new adoptive families or in other institutions more suited to their needs.

Bantay Bata Davao similarly has a Children's Home with an average of 35 children.

Home Care and Shelter

Living conditions for the children in the Village simulate the loving and caring environment of a real family with houseparents, providing adult day to day supervision.

Taught to treat each other as siblings, the children develop bonds and values through a variety of shared activities such as cottage cooking on weekends, household chores, family outings, prayers and playtime.

Educational Services

Provides education for children 4 to 6 years old through an in-house kindergarten play school and a preparatory school to get them ready for mainstream. Older children aged 7-12 are also enrolled in nearby public or private schools. Children with special needs are sent to special schools. Tutorial sessions are conducted to help children cope with their studies.

Health and Wellness

Provides individual health and wellness plans for each child corresponding to their specific health and nutritional needs. Routine and emergency medical services are given to children combining the use of conventional and alternative medicine. Occupational and physical therapy is also provided as necessary.

Rehabilitation and Theraphy

Provides various psychological services such as intelligence tests, individual and group play therapy sessions, behavior modification programs, counselling, social skills therapy and self - esteem activities, among these. These services aim to evaluate the child's cognitive, emotional, spiritual and social areas to ensure the treatment plan, tailored for each child, will bring about healing and resolution of conflicts and trauma and allow growth and positive changes to take place.



Bantay Bata 163
ABS-CBN Foundation Building
Mother Ignacia Ave. Cor. Eugenio Lopez St.
Quezon City, Philippines

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