In affluent Singapore, thousands of children have problems attending school every day. This is because their parents can’t afford to give them pocket money for recess or even the bus fare to school.

Some students - as young as seven years of age - sit through classes on an empty stomach and guzzle tap water to ease their hunger pangs.

On Children’s Day (Oct 1) 2000, The Straits Times launched the Straits Times School Pocket Money Fund to give poor children pocket money for school.

The children can use this sum to fill their stomachs, pay for their bus fares or use it to meet their other schooling needs. The financial help also relieves the burden of many parents, who are already struggling to feed their families on their meagre incomes.

In the beginning, the fund gave primary school pupils $30 a month, while secondary school students received $50 monthly.

To help needy students cope with rising costs over the years, primary pupils now get $55 every month, while those in secondary school receive $90 each month.

Increasing number of children asking for help


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The Muslimin Trust Fund Association (MTFA) started operating an orphanage in 1904 by providing care for 25 needy orphaned boys in a rented kampong house at Lorong M Telok Kurau. In 1950, the orphanage moved to Jalan Sultan with 35 orphaned boys. It later moved to another rented house which was named Malja-il-Aitam or Orphans' Refuge, at Lorong 29 Geylang.

With the increasing number of orphans in its charge, MTFA decided to build a home of its own. The building known as Darul Ihsan is situated at No 5 Mattar Road. It was officially declared open by the first President of Singapore, the late Encik Yusof bin Ishak.

On 29 November 1972, MTFA conceived the idea of an orphanage for girls as well. The dream became a reality with the erection of Darul Ihsan Lilbanat, the orphanage for girls was built at No 23 Wan Tho Avenue. The building was completed on 15 June 1980. It was officially opened by Dr Ahmad Mattar, then honourable Acting Minister of Social Affairs.

As a Non-profit organisation, we rely on the support of our volunteers to ensure that our activities are running smooth and well. There are many opportunities for volunteers to participate in the various activities that we organise and our volunteers generally found participation in these activities to be rewarding.



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