Blue Dragon reaches out to kids in crisis throughout Vietnam. Our residential facilities, centres, and programs give children and youth a new chance in life: the chance to have a home, a good education, and happy, stable living conditions.

It aims to break the poverty cycle by offering education, training, and job opportunities to those who need them the most: street kids, child victims of trafficking, and the rural poor.



24 / 18 Cach Mang Thang 8 Street,
Cam Pho Ward, Hoian Town

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'Montluçon-Saigon' association is a non – profit making organization. The association has no ethnic, political or religious ties. Its mission is to manage the Hoa Mai orphanage in Long Thanh (60 kms South Est of Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam) and the donation of medicines and medical equipment.

Founded in 1993 by Olivier Rodien, President of the association, Hoa mai orphanage provides accommodation, food and education for around 50 poor children or orphans from 3 to 17 years old. Seven people are permanently employed in this structure.

The education is provided by the local school (100 metres from Hoa Mai). French courses are dispensed by Doctor Sau Dien at the orphanage. A daily visit by a medical doctor ensures the children stay in very good health.

Despite the effort made by the Vietnamese Health Authority, there is still a lot to do in this country, which has suffered from many years of war. The children from Hoa Mai could be considered as “privileged” thanks to the benefactors and sponsors.

However it is still cruelly lacking in certain areas, mainly the means to provide professional training for the elder children and building maintenance.



Hamlet 6 , Dong Hai Ward,
Ngu Hanh Son District, Danang City

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The Hoa Binh orphanage, located some 60 kilometers from Hanoi, is situated in the heart of the Muong people of Vietnam. It is an easy drive by car from Hanoi.

It is a “social assistance center” accepting the very young and the very old, the sick and the poor – those who have lost the large extended family network of support so important in Vietnamese culture. Applicants are interviewed and family history recorded. If the intention is that the child left at the orphanage should be considered for adoption, then the child is formally relinquished.

The center is a complex of cement block buildings, each of which houses 2-4 elderly persons or 4-6 children. Caretakers are in a ratio of about 1 adult to 3 infants. Children sleep in hammocks or on straw-matted beds. The Center normally accommodates about 85 children, usually until the age of 16. it also provides a home for about 110 adults. There is an embroidery and weaving cooperative operated by the women, and their products are sold to visitors and area tourists.

The orphanage has worked closely with a number of international adoption organizations from the US, France, Canada, Denmark, and Belgium. There is an excellent working relationship among the provincial authorities that makes its program one of the most efficient in Vietnam.



Ky Son Village, Ky Son District,
Hoa Binh Province

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Number of orphans:  120

  • Male: 78
  • Female : 42

Age :

  • from 8 months  – 16 years old

Orphans’ background : disable, abandoned children, cerebral palsied children ….
Most wanted donation: (priority as below)

  • Diaper (XL size - Diana)
  • Rice
  • Instant Noodle
  • Old clothings all size
  • Others daily necessary things



73 Nguyen Thi Ne st, Phu Hoa Dong Village,
Cu Chi  District, Ho Chi Minh City

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Thien Phuoc was established in 2001, and now caters for more than 120 children. It is a non-governmental organisation acting under the Catholic Committee of Ho Chi Minh City. It is a residential centre providing healthcare, rehabilitation and education.

  • We provide daily physiotherapy sessions to improve the children’s muscular function and flexibility.
  • We have a weekly visit from a counsellor who works with children and staff.
  • We teach children how to care for themselves and others.
  • We provide a range of activities to educate and entertain the children, including play-sessions, singing and dancing.
  • We encourage volunteers and visitors to come and meet the children, and learn about living with a disability.
  • We organise day-trips to give the children access to a wide range of interesting and stimulating activities.
  • We provide training for our staff at local hospitals. They also receive regular updates and further training from visiting health-care experts.



An Phu Dong Village, District 12,
Ho Chi Minh City

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