It's been said that when you see someone without a smile, give them one of yours, Project Connect is dedicated to ensuring the following:

› the importance of lending a helping hand to those in need,
› to understand the hardships of others,
› to be a guide and light up an orphan's life,
› to show care and concern to those who have been abandoned,
› to help lessen the difficulties that others face,
› to lend a listening ear
› or to just there as a friend, when nobody else wants to
› see life from a different perspective
› to be gentler, kinder, more understanding
› be respectful

Here is a food for thought as to why community service can light up your life and the lives of others.

› Doing something different from your usual routine can add quality to your life.
› Seering the smile that you put on someone's face is priceless
› Discovering another culture allows you to appreciate yours.
› Gain more confidence when you enhance your interpersonal skills dealing with others.
› You will begin to appreciate your life even more when you see others less fortunate than yourself.
› One good turn deserves another.


› Reach out and touch someone's life by making a definite and positive contribution to through volunteerism. Helping others can be a richly fulfilling experience that could convince one to make charitable work one's calling in life.
›Different people volunteer for different reasons, but it all sums up to the joy of a rewarding experience and the warm memories that are linked to the helping hand extended.
›Our program that focuses on charitable works closely with the rural communities to enhance their living conditions through services such as providing clean water and sanitation improvement, repairing homes, providing education , building a simple irrigation canal, and many more.